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Hydro Shampoo 1L

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HYDRO Shampoo is crucial in achieving a perfect wash. Its powerful formulation and pH neutral compounds make contact washing a breeze. These ingredients work together to break down and lift stubborn grime. By using HYDRO Shampoo, the risk of causing swirl marks on paintwork is significantly reduced.


This next-generation cleaning agent uses a combination of surfactants and lubricants to effectively remove even the most adhered contamination on your paintwork.


HYDRO Shampoo is a 250:1 water ratio, allowing for it to be diluted to work with different levels of contamination. It creates a thick foam that is safe and effective for use on all exterior surfaces. Including paintwork, vinyl wraps, plastics trims, rubber and glass. HYDRO Shampoo contains no waxes or shining agents to create a false gloss finish, making it perfect for use prior to any polishing or before topping up any protection layers such as HYDRO Detail.


To achieve the most effective, swirl-free results, Lather should be used immediately after the pre-wash stages, which include using HYDRO Pre and Snow. This ensures that the surfactants and lubricants in the shampoo get to work where they're most needed. When using HYDRO Shampoo, it's crucial to use two detailing buckets and a good quality wash mitt to assist with safe cleaning. One bucket should be used for the shampoo solution and the other for rinsing the mitt in between passes.