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Hydro Glass 500ml

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HYDRO Glass has been specifically designed to ensure there is zero smearing. This is can be common with a lot of glass cleaner due to the formulation used. One of our only products that does not smell like fresh fruit but it is needed to be like this for its cutting edge performance.


Looking to give you the clear view from your cockpit, Hydro Glass has you covered. Brilliant when coming into the warmer months and your windscreen both interior and exterior needs a great streak free finish.


Make sure when applying that you stick to the guidelines of two sprays per window and a handful for the windscreen. This ensures you do not have glass cleaner running down the side of the car and also reduces the chance of smearing from over applying.


If doing in the heat, ensure you do one window at a time and half a windscreen. Work the fish scale cloth side to side rather than a circular motion to ensure it is applied evenly and all surface area is covered.