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Menzerna Medium Cut Polish 2400 (P203S)

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Menzerna Medium Cut Polish is the prfect polish for older paintwork which has lost some of its natural oils can be difficult to correct without producing holograms and micro-marring. Medium Cut Polish 2400 contains lubricating oils to allow for comprehensive removal of even severe blemishes such as sanding marks, without leaving additional damage on the paintwork.

The Menzerna Power Finish PF2400 (PO203S) is a reolutionary polish, in that it has very good levels of cut, yet high levels of gloss. Menzerna rate this polish as having the same cut levels as Intensive polish, but with a higher gloss rating. In truth we've found it's got fractinally less cut, but definitely stunning gloss levels for a polish with this cut even on hard paints.


Features & Benefits:

  • Contains delicate abrasive particles & lubricating oils
  • Can be worked for longer on older, dry & soft paintwork
  • Filler-free formulation produces minimal drop-back

Technical Specification:

  • Water-based
  • Filler-free
  • Contains abrasive diminishing particles
  • Suitable for use of soft, intermediate & hard paints
  • Suitable for use with DA and rotary machines
  • May also be applied by hand

Cut: 5/10
Gloss: 8/10

Available in 250ml & 1000ml Bottles

Size: 250ml