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Hydro Detail 500ml

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Hydro Detail has been specifically designed to provide a glossy shine with up to 3 months of protection. The next generation of car protection which is sprayed onto the panel and buffed in with a microfibre cloth. A showroom shine finish.

Hydro Detail can be applied with the car still wet or once dry. To ensure you get the most out of the detailing spray we recommend doing two sprays, buff in with a microfibre cloth and repeat until you complete each panel. Buff one panel at a time ensuring there is no residue left over before moving onto the next. If working in warm conditions, it is recommended to buff after each spray.

Hydro Detail can be applied to exterior paint, plastics, alloys and gloss wraps. We do not recommend applying to satin or matte wraps due to the gloss enhancing features the spray provides. A mix of a spray on wax and an all-in-one detailing spray, Hydro Detail will provide protection for up to nine weeks while also providing a showroom gloss finish.