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hamblechem H103 Leather Scrub

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Hamblechem's H103 is the ultimate solution for maintaining your vehicle's leather interiors. Its strong formula effectively removes dirt, stains, and grime from all leather surfaces, leaving behind a pristine OEM Matt finish. The pH balanced formula ensures that no residue is left behind, preserving the stitching and protecting the leather from deteriorating.



The formula is specially designed to tackle tough stains without damaging the delicate leather fibers. Its non-abrasive properties make it gentle enough to be used on all leather surfaces, making it perfect for car seats, steering wheels, and dashboards.

In addition to its impressive cleaning capabilities, H103 also leaves behind a luxurious fresh leather scent that will rejuvenate your vehicle's interiors. Its easy-to-use spray bottle makes it convenient for quick, hassle-free cleaning, making it an excellent addition to your car detailing kit.

Overall, H103 by Hamblechem is the ultimate solution for anyone looking to keep their car's leather interiors looking brand new. Its gentle yet powerful formula coupled with its long-lasting fresh leather scent makes it the go-to choice for anyone looking for the best in leather care.

    Size: 5L
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