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hamblechem Decon-Block – Interchangeable Clay System

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Introducing the Hamblechem Decon-Block, a revolutionary clay bar scrubbing system that efficiently decontaminates vehicle exteriors. This powerful tool is designed to remove surface contaminants such as tar, tree sap, and industrial fallout, leaving your vehicle's paint smooth and polished. The Decon-Block is made with high-quality clay that adheres to the surface and gently lifts away even the most stubborn substances without damaging the paint. This system is easy to use and suitable for all types of vehicles, from cars to trucks. Give your vehicle the ultimate deep clean with the Hamblechem Decon-Block.

Re-usable up to 50 times, Decon-Block comes as a complete set with two colour coded interchangeable clay pads with varying grades.

Medium – Light Contamination & General Use 

Heavy – For heavily contaminated surfaces, will remove tar, extensive fallout, waxes & sealants (not ceramic coatings) Ideal for lower sections, wheel barrels etc – Use with caution.


  1. Decon-Block should only be used on clean, wet paint. Using a strong shampoo & water mix, submerge the block allowing the foam to absorb the solution.
  2. Starting with the glass, lightly glide the block over the surface in straight, overlapping lines.
  3. Return the block into the wash solution after every panel, rinsing the clay surface.
  4. Once the clayed area feels smooth to the touch, repeat the process on the whole vehicle.
  5. After completion, rinse & dry as normal.



Always Lubricate, Always Prime Decon-Block on glass first. DO NOT Allow panels to dry. Do not use in high heat or strong cleaners.