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Collinite no. 845 Insulator Liquid Wax (1 Pint)

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This heavy duty liquid wax was originally developed for use by electrical power companies for protection against high voltage power failure, fires and explosions. It's high gloss and lasting protection are paramount. This heavy duty liquid wax is easy to use, with it's heavy duty detergent proof formulation is used as a high gloss, almost indestructible protective coating for cars, wheels, boats wood, metal granite tiles or even your shower! Also gives alloy wheels great protection against the corrosive effect of brake dus.t Requires minimum rubbing or buffing.

Because of the above factors, when it is used on a cars clearcoat it leaves a very high gloss 'wet look', just like other Collinite waxes results in an almost indestructable protective coating. It provides a strong protective barrier preventing the adhesion of foreign elements and assures full protection against sun, rain, saltspray, bugs, dew, birds, smog, etc...Extremely durable, one application can last as long as a year.

Collinite 845 Insulator Wax is best suited for lighter colours and those wanting maximum durability. This wax is an absolute steal and often over looked because of it's rather ordinary packaging. However it's easy to apply looks good and will outlast just about all other car waxes - sometimes the old ones are the best!