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Auto Finesse Lather Car Shampoo 5L

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Lather - our signature shampoo - is specially formulated to be tough on grime but gentle enough to be safe of waxes, sealants and ceramic coatings.

A tangerine-scented blend of pH neutral surfactants and highly concentrated lubricants, this unique solution suds up quickly to create a lusciously thick, non-stripping foam that not only cuts thorough dirt, but actively lifts contaminants away from surfaces, lubricating any abrasive particles and allowing them to be safely rinsed away. 

Making a truly effective contact wash easier than ever before, Lather leaves behind no residue and has been developed to be super-concentrated in order to be diluted to suit any level of contamination. Bear in mind though, that a little always goes a long way here - strong cleaning power comes as standard, even from the highest dilution ratios.    

An essential component in the ultimate swirl-free wash. 


Lather is supplied undiluted – the dirtier your car, the more you can use.   

Be sure to carry out a thorough pre-wash prior to any contact wash. Using effective pre-wash cleaning agents (like Citrus Power or Dynamite), along with Avalanche Snow Foam, will ensure the vehicle is free from loose particles that could mark your paintwork.  

A two-bucket method is crucial to get the best results when contact washing. Dilute Lather into one bucket of clean water and reserve a second for rinsing your wash mitt after completing each panel.  

Simply dip your mitt into the soapy Lather solution and contact wash your vehicle panel by panel, working from the top downwards and leaving the dirtiest areas until last.