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Chemical Guys Signature (Formerly Stripper) Scent Air Freshener 16oz

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Please don't be alarmed if you receive a Signature Scent packaged air freshener instead of a Stripper Scent! Due to a Chemical Guys rebranding, Stripper Scent has had to be renamed Signature Scent - same great fragrance but under a different stage name.

Perhaps a familiar scent to some, one that might evoke strong memories. A product, you simply have to try. The enchanting memory from which this scent is aroused, is the never-to-forget evening out to an elegant club (quality of clubs visited, may vary depending on user experience) where the shiny glow of the copper poles was almost as exciting as the tantalising fragrance that filled the air. Chemical Guys Signature Scent (formerly Stripper Scent) will invigorate your senses and (hopefully!) bring a smile to your face each time you get in your car. Designed with active odor eliminators, it will help eliminate the source of other foul odors, not just cover them up temporarily. Simply spray the air freshener liberally on your carpets and upholstery for a long lasting and intoxicating smell. Active odor eliminators will subdue unpleasant smells at the source.