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Chemical Guys Maxi Suds Extreme Grape Rush 1GAL

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Chemical Guys Maxi Suds II Extreme Grape Rush uses a constant release of grape fresh foaming bubbles and slick wash lubricants to lift dirt away, then guide it off paintwork for a scratch-free show room shine. The Maxi Suds formula lifts and separates dirt and debris with its super-foaming action and the delicious fresh grape scent of an Extreme Grape Rush (hold on to your hats!). The speciality wash polymers of Maxi Suds II rise up in each bubble, lifting and lubricating dirt and debris from sensitive automotive finishes.

This is a superb foaming shampoo that safely removes dirt and grime without removing any wax or sealant. This is a gentle, non toxic and bio-degradable formula that has been engineered to deliver stunning cleaning power through the foaming bubbles. Chemical Guys Maxi Suds II Extreme Grape Rush Truly delivers with long lasting suds and bubbles and the grape formula smells outstanding. Despite the gentle cleansing nature of this formula it cuts effortlessly through dirt and road film. The polymers in the formula lift the dirt and grime away from the paints surface and allow it to be washed away. There's no need for rubbing and scrubbing and it's perfect for waxed cars.